wordless Wednessday

and I’m up…ready for the joyride to work *wink*. I wish there is another relaxing hour in the office just like yesterday. I’d never know yet what would be another exciting yet boring work in my table now. I wish my boss is in a good mood to fight another day at work. I wish […]

laid back

I never had pressured work today…yeepey!lol There was a slight to just occupy the time and claim to be busy but it was merely laid back at work. We had our routine walk in the morning, sumptuous lunch, snacks and a minutes of chitchatting. At least this time our brain and the rest of the […]

slow bit

I am already in 2 hours at work now. A slow bit busy and taking it fast because I need to finished the assigned task today aside from that I am excited to go home for it’s Friday I can have more time on blogging.LOL. the true to that is more chores in the house […]

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